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Build your Multi-Engine Flight Time Fast!

Great experience towards an exciting career

Whether you’re looking to complete your resume for the R-ATP or just get some multi engine hours under your belt, you’ve come to the right place. Our unique model will ensure you build hours quickly.


Rent a Baron by the day

Gain some serious experience and flight time with our "rent by the day" model.  No deadlines, just you and an MEI flying where you please. 

How It Works:

  • $1000 Per Day

  • Up to 6 Hobbs Hours

  • Fuel and Instructor Not Included

  • As little as $255/hr all in for the aircraft at $5/gal.

  • Multi Engine Instructors $60/hr

  • Overnights allowed with CFI Permission

  • Solo Flights Allowed with minimum hour requirement and checkout


Earn Multi-Engine PIC Hours

Quickly on your schedule

Pilots in Aircraft

R-ATP Requires 50 Multi Hours

The day is yours!


About Us

Helping you become a professional pilot

We are committed to providing excellent training and mentoring so that our clients will thrive in today’s competitive world. With our Baron and a modern avionics suite you'll gain valuable real-world flying experience. You pick the destinations - challenge yourself or have some fun! Our only business is helping you build ME-PIC time ASAP. You will not be sharing your day with students.


Where to Fly

You can pick where ever you want to fly. Here's some suggestions:

KOSH - Oshkosh, WI 332NM Fun Year Round! EAA Museum

KPLK - Branson, MO 187NM Fly over lakes & have lunch on the river

Airplane Wing


To find out more information about building Multi-Time as quickly as possible with Fly Twins, contact us today.

2190 Vector Drive, Cahokia IL 62206


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