Build your Multi-Engine Flight Time Fast!
$4,995 Multi Rating

Great experience towards an exciting career

Whether you’re looking to complete your resume for the R-ATP or just get some multi engine hours under your belt, you’ve come to the right place. Our unique model will ensure you build hours quickly. Located at the St. Louis Downtown airport just minutes from the arch.

We just announced our fast track Multi Engine training course.  Accelerated Multi-Engine Add on for just $4,995 examiner not included. 


Rent a Piper Twin Comanche by the day

Gain some serious experience and flight time with our "rent by the day" model.  No deadlines, just you and an MEI flying where you please. 

How It Works:

  • $1000 Per Day

  • Up to 5 Hobbs Hours

  • Based at KCPS St. Louis Downtown Airport

  • Fuel and Instructor Not Included

  • As little as $255/hr all in for the aircraft at $5/gal. (As little as $230/hr when accounting for taxi time)

  • Multi Engine Instructors $60/hr

  • Overnights allowed with CFI Permission

  • Solo Flights Allowed with minimum hour requirement and checkout

  • High Performance and Complex endorsements available


Earn Multi-Engine PIC Hours

Quickly on your schedule

Pilots in Aircraft

R-ATP Requires 50 Multi Hours

The day is yours!

Fast Track Multi Engine Training

Achieve your MEL Certificate quickly in our Piper Twin Comanche

How It Works:

  • $4,995

  • MEI or MEL Add On

  • Private pilot or higher required

  • Up to 8 Hobbs Hours

  • Unlimited instructor time 

  • Based at KCPS St. Louis Downtown Airport

  • Fuel and Instructor Included

  • DPE Not Included

  • Can be done in as little as 3 days

  • 14 day max timeframe

  • Some self study in advance required

  • Only applies to current pilots, extra charge to bring up to IFR/VFR proficiency

  • $325/hr wet if extra time needed

  • Learn more on multi flying from AOPA


Accelerated Multi Training

Quickly on your schedule

Airplane Pilot Portrait

Complete in as little as 3 days

Real World Instruction


About Us

Helping you become a professional pilot

We are committed to providing excellent training and mentoring so that our clients will thrive in today’s competitive world. With our PA-30 Piper Twin Comanche (Counter Rotating engines) and a modern avionics suite you'll gain valuable real-world flying experience. You pick the destinations - challenge yourself or have some fun! Our only business is helping you build ME-PIC time ASAP. You will not be sharing your day with students. We're a small flight school specializing in twin engine operations at KCPS just outside St. Louis, Missouri.  We're only 25 minutes away from the St. Louis International Airport - come fly with us!



Experienced and Customer Service Oriented

Corey Tomczak is the proud owner of Fly Twins and dedicated to providing a safe, efficient, and fun way to achieve your multi engine needs.  Corey owned a flight school previously for 8 years, and also runs Gateway Jets ( ) - an aircraft management company specializing in Citation Jets. 

John Cosgrove is a highly knowledgeable instructor in twin engine aircraft. John is a Parks College graduate as well as an airline pilot.

Alec Albright is an excellent instructor with Fly Twins for multi engine training and time building.  Alec is a Parks College graduate and also enrolled in St. Louis University Law School.

20200106_113420 (1).jpg

PA-30 Piper Twin Comanche

About the Aircraft


Twin Engine 

Continental IO-320 Engines

Counter Rotating

1270lb Useful Load

Empty Weight 2330lbs

Empty CG 84.23

Clean and Spacious Interior

Comfortable Flying

Up to 170 Knot Cruise Speed

Or as little as 11 Gal / Hr!

Classically Modern Cockpit

Standard 6 Pack

Garmin 530 IFR GPS

Aera 660 GPS


Autopilot w/ Alt Hold

Electric Trim


Study Material 

Click to Download


Weight and Balance

Accelerated Syllabus

Maneuvers & procedures


Where to Fly

You can pick where ever you want to fly. Here's some suggestions:

KOSH - Oshkosh, WI 332NM Fun Year Round! EAA Museum

KPLK - Branson, MO 187NM Fly over lakes & have lunch on the river

I19 - Dayton, OH Air For Museum. Not enough time to take it all in!

M01 - Memphis, TN 202NM Airport 7 minutes from downtown. BBQ?

M34 / 1M9 - Kentucky Lake State Park Airports, Restaurants Etc

KHOT - Hot Springs, AR 284 NM Enjoy  mountains & scenic downtown

KSIK - Sikeston, MO 104NM Famous throwed rolls!

KMGC/KBEH - Enjoy the Lake Michigan Shoreline and some Perch!

KMKC - 5 Minutes from Downtown Kansas City, museum on field too

KEYE - Eagle Creek, Indianapolis. Restaurant near by. 195NM

K15 - Lake of the Ozarks. Restaurants and fun to fly over. 116NM

KRPJ - Rochelle, IL. Restaurant on field at an active drop zone. 205NM

Learn More


How much does this cost?

The twin comanche rents for $1000 per day for up to 5.0 of hobbs time.  Fuel is not included. You can pull the power back to as little as 11 gal/hour or a go fast setting of 16 gal/hour.  Fuel prices vary from $3.50 to $6+/gal.  If you fly multiple legs and account for taxi time in the hobbs this makes the hourly rate even more affordable.

Is insurance included? 

Yes, liability insurance is included. Haul value deductible is $7,500.

Do you offer initial multi engine training?

Yes, on the fast track basis of $4,995. See details above.

Can I go over 5 hours per day?

With your instructors permission, yes.  Any time over 5.0 hours (.1 for taxi grace) is billed at $250/hour dry.

What is your cancellation policy?

A day of cancellation due to weather or maintenance carries no cost.  Any cancellation after 12:00 the day before carries a $500 cancellation fee.

Do you allow solo rentals?

Yes, if you meet the following requirements and are deemed proficient in the aircraft:
350TT, 50 Multi, 10 Make and Model
25 Dual in type in lieu of 50 Multi

May I take the aircraft overnight?

Yes, with instructor permission.  Daily rate applies, and 8 hours / instructor per day. You pay any landing/tie down/hangar fees.

How is fuel handled?

You are responsible for purchasing fuel away from base and upon return.  We depart with 90 gallons and return with 90 gallons. This allows the option of purchasing cheap fuel at nearby airports upon return.  You may use our fuel discount of $5.50/gal which will be added to your bill. has a fuel price tool to help determine where the best prices are.


Where to Stay

Centrally located in the USA

  • Downtown St. Louis, MO is only 7 minutes away. Dozens of hotels

  • Central West End is an eclectic neighborhood adjacent to the largest (and best) urban park in the country. Chase Park Plaza or Holiday Inn Express.  12 minutes away

  • Fairview Heights, IL offers a quieter suburban stay with dozens of restaurants and a mall. 15 minutes East.



To find out more information about building Multi-Time as quickly as possible with Fly Twins, contact us today.

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